Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto

About me

Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto Sensuality by its mere definition is¨ being strongly inclined to gratification of the senses¨ And thats exactly what my sensual massage sessions promise you to bring...a sense of fulfilment and gratification of being alive and in touch with your feminine energy I have always been a massage enthusiast (at both levels ..recipient and provider ) And i have always loved women. Women of all color and shapes .they truly are the essence of this universe for me.I love the way they look, the way they feel, the way they think, everything. To me, there's nothing quite as gratifying as helping a woman reach a heightened state of sensual bliss. It's fascinating and rewarding work in itself

My sensual massages are a slow process of building up feminine energy and sensual arousal. Using essential oils, I begin with a full body rubdown, stroking every part of the body but the most sensitive ,taking her to a heightened state of sensual bliss within a hour .

Despite having only informal training in massage ,im familiar and quite skillful at different techniques of massages(deep tissue.swedish,foot reflexology ,neonatal,pregnancy massage,ayurvedic massage and tantric to name a few)and i have ten years of massaging countless women in newyork and toronto.most of them are repeat/regular .

So Close your eyes. Turn off your mind.
And open yourself up to full-body bliss.
Enter a realm where your daily stress is relieved
and your feminine energy released.
Unburden your body with me,
for a sensual and healing touch where you need it most