Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto

Frequently Asked


Q)im a woman whos interested in seeing you for the sensual massage session ,what should i expect?is it sexual?
Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto No, it is not sexual, it is sensual. While you may experience sexual feelings during the massage, it is not the goal of what I do, but a happy bi-product. It means you are in your body. It is to be encouraged, not shut down. However, the goal is is not to generate sexual feelings, but to create the conditions for you to be free, in a way that neither casual sex nor regular massage can quite do on their own.i do a mix of ayurvedic holistic massage followed by hot oil sensual massage which is done from scalp to your feet.
Q) am i naked during massage?
Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto Answer) Yes. You start the massage naked under a sheet, but it is "candle dark" so no need to feel self-conscious. The nature of the massage means I use long LOMI LOMI strokes up and down the body, so underwear and draping get in the way of the flow and beauty of the massage. Of course I drape for modesty where applicable, and you will never feel exposed in any way you're not comfortable with. You are never naked naked.
Q)I am very nervous as its my first time. How can you help?
Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto Don't worry if you are nervous, this is completely normal, this is something new which many people only experience once or twice in their lives. I am willing to text or call you to communicate with you to answer any questions. I can also meet you for coffee somewhere in the centre of toronto where we can chat in person and If you change your mind and do not want a massage, thats no problem.
Who are you ?
Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto Im your humble pleasure provider and guy whos indian by ethnic back ground(my background has alot alot to do on how i learnt the ancient art of ayurvedic and sensual massage) I am a warm and compassionate man whos 6 feet tall ,in his 30,s ,extremely hygienic and is very well educated ,well travelled ,well cultured , very physically fit and full of energy . As your guide and facilitator, I consider it a privilege to provide this service, and have deep admiration and respect for any woman with the confidence to bare her body and soul, and own her sensuality in this way.
Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto Do you massage men?
No. I provide a women only service.
Whos your typical client

Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto My client could be any woman of legal age and consensual mind set whos willing to explore the world of sensuality through my healing touch Any one whos seeking to release pent-up tensions via therapeutic touch targeted to pleasure-sensitive areas. You're comfortable with alternative bodywork modalities, new experiences and sensations. You're of legal age or older .
Is my information private and confidential?
Sensual Massage for Women in Toronto A service such as this would not survive without the highest levels of privacy, confidentiality, discretion and trust. It's kind of like Vegas. My ironclad policy is that whatever happens here, stays here. Correspondence between us is never shared. Ever.

important Information/legal disclaimer
My effort towards providing sensual massage to women of legal age and consensual mind set ,is a part-time non-profit pursuit based on a passion for providing holistic alternative approaches to women's personal satisfaction and wellbeing. The service is intended for like-minded individuals who believe in the merits of such approaches. Sessions are complimentary. Although i have more than a decade of experience in doing what i do and i have attended many holistic massage courses on all sorts of techniques from deep tissue to sensual or tantric ,in different ever im not a licensed /registered massage therapist .and my massage therapy sessions arent intended to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Neither im offering sex /prostitutional service of any sort. By contacting me ,it is considered that you are testifying that you don't belong to any law and enforcement agency or health care authority or anyone representing them .